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Sello Lawrence is a South African reggae artist based in Berlin. He is one of those artists who are bringing music back into reggae.  Following the footsteps of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear and all those great pioneers of reggae music. The music is the force that carries us through, therefore the music has to be the  inspiration. It has to reach the heart and soul, boby and mind, said  Sello, about the role of music in his life.
His musical career goes back to the bands like The Spears, The Regulars, Sons Of Selassie down in the ghettos of South Africa.

In 1994 Sello started touring Europe with Makwerhu. His song Trip To  Africa became the title track of Makwerhu’s release in 1996. Makwerhu was on Place 2 of the South African Radio Charts and did quite well on the German Popsessioncharts on WDR going up to Place 6.

In 2000 he recorded the song Indalo with Lesiem. The following year the song Africa was released on the Lesiem album Chapter 2. Lesiem  also made it to Place 9 of the Hörercharts on SFB 88,8 in Germany.
At the same time he was touring with Vitamin X. With different bands he has appeared at some prestigious festivals including the Chiemsee Reggae Summer, Africa Festival (Würzburg), Tollwood Festival etc. sharing the stage with renowned artists like Bunny Wailer, Third World and Ziggy Marley.

His first Solo Album, NEW NATION has been released in 2006 and it is a mix of roots reggae, ska, dancehall, dub, with an extra dip of kwaito, afro beat, zoukous, high life and traditional South African music. The multi-instrumentalist records in his own studio where he started from scratch as an autodidact and where he is now producing other artists as well. In  South Africa we were not taught to be our own boss, we’ve been prepared to work for others. Freedom means, education and training, it means  self-empowerment, it means independence, and self sufficiency, Sello Lawrence says so.



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